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MarmoSole - luxurious wall panels

K104_Rusty_Copper_01 slim.jpg
  • Natural minerals

  • The base of MarmoSole is 70% marble stone.

  • 100% water resistant

  • Class 32 HI-TECH patented surface *

  • Dimensionally stable, can be placed without ventilation

  • Unique designs

  • Full collection in stock, available from 1 piece.

  • Digital printing, less repetition

  • Made in Europe

  • Up to 30 years warranty

  • Unique format 2800 x 1230 x 4 mm

* Class 32 refers to the usage class defined by the European standard for laminate floors (EN 13329): this class has a high AC4 rating (abrasion class) in combination with a comparable IC rating (impact resistance), which means that the floors are suitable for high traffic families and commercial spaces with general traffic such as offices, cafes, salons and boutiques or living quarters.

MarmoSole - the collection

Prices per m2 and including VAT


MarmoSole - how experience brought us to the very best

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Since the 1990s, we have been working hard in Belgium in the construction sector, with an emphasis on finishing, inside and out. All possible types and formats of tiling with all possible accessories, adhesives and grouting - it didn4t stop there.

And then came MarmoSole - moisture resistant decorative wall panels

Hard, waterproof, large size.

Can be processed with a circular saw with many teeth!

We are proud to offer such a top product to our customers, so that their work can be done faster and easier.

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